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BY 2025

and that's just the beginning

Foundations For Our Future

Northwest Michigan Habitat for Humanity has launched the largest residential home building campaign in our 32 year history! Through the Foundations For Our Future Campaign, our organization is boldly responding to the housing crisis by raising the $5 million in capital needed to construct 43 homes in the community by 2025.

By reaching our $5 million goal, we will significantly increase our capital pool to fund upfront construction costs. As homes are built they are sold to qualified Program Partners, and those sales help to fund the next round of builds. In this way, the Foundations For Our Future campaign will create a sustainable way for our affiliate to permanently increase our yearly home builds from 3-4 per year to 13+.
That's an increase of almost 400%! 

The housing shortage is a well known, complex issue in Northern Michigan. According to recent studies, Emmet County alone needs more than 450 new homes to keep up with demand. Through this campaign, we are tackling nearly 10% of that demand! Plus, Habitat has opportunities for program partners to apply for affordable mortgage options through various lenders.

Our affiliate is almost entirely funded through local donations, meaning your support is crucial to our ability to build! Donations to this campaign are reinvested multiple times through the building and selling of new homes. By supporting this campaign you can make a huge impact on our local community!
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Homes are delivered...


...completed by staff and volunteers...

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...and sold to qualified Program Partners!

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More Than Ever Before

Watch our campaign video


The Impacts Of This Campaign... 

Stronger families build stronger communities
Every $1 invested in stable family living generates $4 in social benefit

More Homes, More Graduates!
​Children of homeowners are 19% more likely to graduate from high school and 116% more likely to graduate from college

Retaining the Workforce
This campaign will provide affordable homeownership opportunities for our essential workers, helping to retain the local workforce

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Investing in the Community
The 43 homes built through this campaign will increase the property tax base by roughly $8,715,000. More than $8 million will be invested in the local economy through construction materials and employment

....And Much More! 

Come and see the future of affordable housing! 

Interested in learning more about the Foundations for our Future campaign? Take a tour of the Meadowlands Subdivision and see what your how your support can make an impact on our community! Tours and group presentations are available upon request. Contact

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