The Foundations for Our Future campaign will boldly respond to our housing crisis by raising the capital needed to construct 42 homes in our communities by 2025. We aim to break ground in Summer of 2022 in the Meadowlands Subdivision in Alanson, which will hold 32 new, mixed income homes when completed. We also have new homes being built in Pellston, Oden, and East Jordan this year. Fundraising efforts for this project have begun, and with the support of a challenge grant the first $1,000,000 in campaign donations will be matched 1:1, helping us meet this goal!

Safe, decent, and affordable housing is the foundation for building stronger futures for families, our community, and our local economy. Unfortunately, the need for affordable housing in our area is a

well-known and complex issue that is only getting worse. For many reasons, including drastically increasing construction and land costs, the need continues to far outpace the housing market’s ability to respond. Housing impacts everyone, and to make this work possible, we need your support. By participating, you will be directly investing in an action-based solution—building and selling affordable homes to local families and individuals needed in our community.

There’s not a moment to lose, so let’s get building!


Foundations For Our Future

Each Habitat Household...

• Purchases their new home at fair market value with the support of an affordable mortgage
and down payment assistance grant opportunities
• Receives homeownership and financial education services
• Generates property tax revenue that supports our schools, fire, EMS, and police services,
our parks, libraries, etc.
• Invests in the local economy by shopping and obtaining services close to home
• Supports local employers by providing a pool of employable, skilled people to choose from
and reduces high turnover rates
• Preserves long-term housing affordability by agreeing to sell the home back to Habitat if ever needed
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